Our Parish History

Caringbah became a Parish in February 1951. Our Lady of Fatima Primary School was opened the previous year and was cared for by the Sisters of Mercy from Parramatta.  Father Charles Keller was appointed the first Parish Priest and served the Parish for 35 years. In that time a church was built, secondary school was opened and put in the care of the De La Salle Brothers (De La Salle Catholic College).  Both schools have grown over the years with new buildings and facilities being added. A Presbytery and Monastery were built to provide accommodation for the Priests and the Brothers. Father Keller retired in January 1985 and Monsignor Kerry Bayada was appointed Parish Priest. In February 2015 
Monsignor Kerry Bayada retired as Parish Priest after 30 years in the Parish and 55 years in the priesthood. We thank him for his time and service here at Caringbah.

Father Silvio Woo was the Parish Administrator from February 2015 to April 2015. Archbishop Anthony Fisher op installed Father Danai Penollar as Parish Priest on 26 April 2015.

Both schools have continued to grow from then till now.  A new church was built in 1999 and the previous church became a Parish Hall. 

During the life of the Parish many Priests, Brothers and Sisters have ministered in the Parish and in the schools. These dedicated people have been an inspiration to all the parishioners.

Great credit is given to the members of the Parish, who have worked tirelessly for the Parish and who provide the necessary ministries in all aspects of Parish life.